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Sound pillow premium (M)

General male : This product is beneficial for those below
· Want to enjoy good sound sleep
· Salary men who are very stressed due to heavy work
· The elderly who want to have a sound sleep
· CEO's who are always in a rush
· Listen to music, radio, or audio books while you sleep
· Are an office worker that needs rest and comfort from ddfe's stress
· Office workers who need meditation and quiet atmosphere

Sound Pillow Premium (M): detailed information

  • Product Name: Happy Sleep - Sound Pillow
  • Model: premium (M)
  • Filler: magic foam (urethane 100%)
  • Product Size: 547 (L) X 346 (D) X 97 (H) unit (mm)
  • Color: Blue
  • Outer Cover Material: drytex (polyester 100%)
  • Inner Cover: Present
  • Inner Cover Material: drytex (polyester 100%)