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High density Magic Foam of Happy Sleep-Sound Pillow is excellent in resilience and antibacterial deodorizing effect.

High density new magic foam
It spreads the body weight evenly with the body
contact area to form to the contour of your body
resulted in helping you take a comfortable sleep and
has 99.9% of high efficacy antibacterial and deodorant effects.
  • · Soft, excellent touch
  • · Low elasticity for comfort (absorbs 95% of impacts)
  • · Can absorb forces of about 110kg 16 times per minute, a total of 125 thousand impacts, while maintaining 100% of resilient force
  • · Excellent pressure reduction
  • · Body temperature alleviation effects
    (temperature maintained/heat preservation)
  • · Excellent body pressure distribution
    (conforms to body shape)
  • · Excellent resilient force and durability
    (2 years of quality assurance)

Magnified view of magic foam

Sterilization and odor removal
99.9% efficacy by using natural materials without toxicity such as ethanol, citric acid, silver, odors, and distilled water

Magic foam sterilization test results