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Straight neck/turtle neck symptom alleviation and correction by Happy Sleep – Hand Mechanics Pillow Luxury, Spinal curve, best head holder, jaw and head holder, high density new magic foam, inclined plane spine holder, mineral circle, shoulder support side holder

Happy Sleep - Hand Mechanics Pillow with its human engineering design is a functional pillow that can maintain an angle of 35~45 degrees to conform to the C shaped spinal line. It can relax the neck area and maintain the optimal position for your spine to help refresh your brain and improve your sleep.

Happy Sleep - Hand Mechanics Pillow Luxury : detailed information

  • Filler : magic foam (urethane 100%)
  • Product Size : 641(L) X 311(D) X 115(H) unit (mm)
  • Color : Blue
  • Outer Cover Material : Drytex (polyester 100%)
  • Inner Cover : Present
  • Washing Methods :Only wash the outer cover after separating it from the pillow.
    * Cannot wash memory foam.

Happy Sleep - Hand Mechanics Pillow Luxury : detailed information

1. Human engineering design
It helps to maintain the normal curve of your spine at an angle of 35 to 45 degrees by conforming to the structure of your skull.
2. Provides correct support for spinal curve
It supports the C-shaped spinal curve and distributes the pressure applied to your head, relaxing your neck and helping you sleep better.
3. Mineral circle
Mineral circle refreshes your brain and brings greater relaxation for your neck.
4. High density new magic foam
Your body contact lines are formed along the memory foam while evenly distributing your body weight so that you can enjoy sound and restful sleep.