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Happy Sleep App (for iPone)
- Use Happy Sleep to improve the quality of your sleep.
   Enjoy better rest, enhance your concentration, relieve your
   stress, and listen to the soothing sounds to meditate or just
   improve your mood.
Download and install your Happy Sleep app
- Download and install the Happy Sleep app from the
   App Store.
App functions
- Check sleeping conditions.
- Record snoring.
- Help induce sleeping when feeling uncomfortable.
- Smart alarm.
- Check sleeping hours statistics.
- Listen to brain wave induction music.
- The functional sounds provided in this app use binaural beats that can help induce alpha and delta waves. You are recommended
   to use a separately sold product, Happy Sound Pillow or earphones, with this app.
- If the app does not run very well, use the multi-tasking function to see if many apps are running at the same time.
   Terminate other apps that you don't need or reboot the device for normal use.

App Screen

  • Intro1. Touch ¡°App Store¡°
  • Sound sleep snoring check alarm setting2. Search "Happy Sleep"
  • detail graphs3. Touch ¡°BUY APP"
  • Intro4. Input ¡°Apple ID Password¡±.
    the download is completed.
  • Sound sleep snoring check alarm setting5. Created ¡°Happy Sleep¡± Icon.
  • detail graphs6. If you touch the Happy sleep Icon,
    main screen display.
  • Intro7. Listen to sound source
  • Sound sleep snoring check alarm setting8. Deep Sleep/Snoring check
    Smart alarm setting
  • detail graphs9. Sleeping time statistics
  • Intro10. Environment setting