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A bone conduction speaker uses a BONE CONDUCTION TRANSDUCER to convert electrical signals into vibration signals that generate sound. Happy Sleep-Sound Pillow integrated with a bone conduction speaker enables you to enjoy Binaural Beat by the vibration produced from it attached to the occipital area in the back of the head.

Happy Sleep Sound Pillow Premiun(M)

Concept of bone conduction
Sounds are transferred to the skull without passing through the tympanic membrane and are successfully heard in the inner ear. In traditional air conduction, sounds in the air pass through external auditory meatus, tympanic membrane, and auditory ossicles before reaching the inner ear. In bone conduction, even if you are a patient with damaged external auditory meatus or auditory meatus, you can listen to the sound through bone conduction.
Advantages of bone conduction speakers
You can use a bone conduction speaker to prevent hearing loss caused from earphone use. You can also enjoy pleasant music without bothering the person sitting next to you.
Support for smartphone apps
You can listen to your music, language lectures, or audio books from your smartphone by using a bone conduction speaker through your pillow.